NF Flexible

With NF Fleet's short-term rental, you get a solution that can move employees quickly. For you have the opportunity to rent a car for a shorter period, if an employee needs a temporary car for a few months.

At NF Fleet, we have a fleet of our own cars, which we offer for rental for a shorter period. Therefore, we will always have a car available when you need it. Prices are competitive, and in addition we will help you to find the right car for your needs.

Rental car for several occasions

NF Flexible gives you more flexibility and more options, for example, when a new employee is employed for a trial period or on a fixed-term employment. There may also be some waiting time from an employee orders his new leasing car, until we can deliver it. In such a situation, short-term rentals may also be the solution.

The short-term rental service makes it possible for you to offer an advantageous car solution with very short commitment to all employees who need it.

Large selection at favorable prices

We offer a large selection of passenger cars for hire at competitive prices and with a simple administration, because invoicing is done solely through NF Fleet.

Interested to know more about NF Flexible?

Contact your NF Fleet contact person or NF Fleet’s customer service department, if you want to book a car or inquire about prices. We help you find the right car for the employee’s specific needs. The cars are usually collected at our location in Sandvika, but we can also easily deliver the cars for a fee.

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