With Fleet Management you save both time and resources

We advise you on the best car fleet solution and are responsible for the full administration of your fleet. With Fleet Management, you outsource your company car solution and get monitoring of costs, a complete overview of your vehicles and comprehensive reporting. Choose Fleet Management and make everyday life easier.

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Advantages of Fleet Management with NF Fleet

  • Large selection of leasing cars for a fixed competitive fee
  • Invoicing of expenses according to real consumption 
  • Easy administration - All is compiled on one invoice
  • A regular contact person and technical service for the entire fleet
  • Additional services, including fuel card, comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance and tire storage
  • Full overview of the fleet through the My NF Fleet portal for administrators
  • Online access to the My NF Fleet mobility portal for all users in the fleet
  • Overview and reporting of total costs
  • Assistance in the implementation of electric vehicles in the fleet and optimization of the fleet's CO2 emissions and fuel consumption
  • 24 hour emergency service, ensuring employee mobility
  • Service, maintenance and summer tires are included
  • Option of extended flexibility schemes including Nordic and European solutions, winter tire concept and insurance concept
  • NF Fleet assumes 100% responsibility for the car fleet's depreciation and financing costs

We take the full responsibility of your fleet, which includes:

  • Guidance, handling and optimization of the company's car policy
  • Constant cost control
  • Fleet Management reporting, which provides an overview of the car fleet’s development and optimization opportunities
  • Ongoing progress meetings to ensure fleet optimization in terms of both financials and sustainability
  • Discount negotiations regarding driving costs with all parties: dealers, workshops, tire centers and insurance companies
  • Service and maintenance
  • Guidance to the users of the vehicles
  • Checking and approving invoices as well as charging compensation in case of incorrect invoicing

Are you looking for a professional partner to manager your fleet?

If you are interested in outsourcing fleet administration to NF Fleet, you are more than welcome to contact us. Our advisors are ready to help you. 

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Car policy in accordance with the company's values ​​and goals

A successful car policy is tailored to the business and provides a fixed framework for the purchase, operation and administration of the car fleet.

Together we create your car policy

When you choose NF Fleet as your leasing partner, we take care of the entire car policy in your business. The car policy is the starting point for optimal and totally economical handling of the car fleet. It is determined according to your goals, requirements and expectations combined with our advice so that you get a tailor-made roadmap that suits your business.

Achieve savings with the right car policy

We maintain, consult and improve your car policy. We think of optimal complete solutions and take your car budget as our starting point by focusing on both the costs for each individual car and for the fleet's total economy in terms of value loss, insurance and fuel. Maintenance costs and retail prices can vary widely, affecting leasing costs. We keep the total costs in check and can help you reduce these by, for example, establishing emission quotas. It ensures economic and environmental optimization of the car fleet. With a correct and responsible car policy, you can easily achieve significant savings at all levels.

Car policy is linked to well-being in the workplace

A good car policy ensures that employees have access to safe and interesting car models that suit their needs. A responsible and well-thought-out car policy guarantees the safety of employees and offers them a usable solution to their daily transport needs.

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