MOT Test

When your company car needs to go for a MOT test, we will help you throughout the process. We support you when you need to book an appointment for a MOT test, and we handle the administration.

The periodic inspection is mandatory

It is your responsibility to have your car inspected. The first MOT test is 4 years after the car's registration date. The car is subsequently called in for inspection every two years.

We send a notice for the MOT test to your e-post 6-8 weeks before the deadline. If you do not comply with the time of the notice from the State Authority, you are not allowed to use the car any longer, and the police may confiscate the car's number plate.

When should you drive your company car for inspection?

If the company car turns 4 years old during your leasing period, you are responsible for driving the car to the MOT test when you receive the notice. If your leasing car will be returned before it turns 4 years, it does not have to go for a MOT test while you have it. The company car does not have to go for a MOT test if the car's delivery date falls on the day before it turns 4 years. In that situation, you can simply disregard the notice and we take care of the MOT test.

This is the MOT test process:

1. The notice for a MOT test is sent directly to you via e-post 6-8 weeks before the deadline of the inspection

2. You can check the deadline for the MOT test here

  • Enter the car’s registration number

3. You drive the car for the MOT test to the selected vehicle inspection facility at the selected time. A MOT test takes about 30 min.

4. Inspection report and collection of inspection costs is subsequently sent automatically to NF Fleet

Should the unlikely happen that the car is rejected at inspection, you must immediately contact NF Fleet's customer service on +47 67 10 87 40.

You can read all about the MOT test at Statens vegvesen