Returning a Company Car

When your leasing period expires, it is unfortunately time to return the company car, which is done via our returning center. Below we go through how to return the car and what you need to be aware of.

How should the car be returned?

Your company car must be returned on the expiry date of the leasing contract. If the expiry date falls on a weekend or a public holiday, the car must be returned on the last working day before the ordinary expiry.

When you return your leasing car, it must be freshly washed, vacuumed and cleaned and emptied of personal belongings. You must also remember to bring all keys and all of the car's documents.

Examination of the car

Upon return, the car is examined for possible damages and defects. We recommend that the user of the company car or a representative of the company participate in the examination, which takes about 30 minutes, but it is not essential. If there are any remarks about the car, you will sign for these online. Hereafter, the contact person in your company will receive an electronic submission report.

Any damage caused by mounting of accessories or traffic and collision damage must either be reported to the insurance company or paid for by the lessee.


Remember to bring all equipment belonging to the vehicle, for example:

  • Summer/winter tyres
  • All keys and key cards
  • Registration document, user manual and service booklet
  • Roller blind/cargo cover, mats and parcel shelf
  • GPS and remote control
  • Removable towbar
  • Roof rack and ski box
  • Warning triangle and reflective jacket
  • Remove any electronic travel log

Book time in advance

Cars in the Oslo-area have to be returned at the agreed-upon time at our office in Sandvika. Find us at Jongsåsveien 4 (building B), 1338 Sandvika. If you would like to participate in the examination of your company car, you must book time for check-in in advance and in good time so that you avoid waiting time.

Cars that are not in the vincinity of Oslo/Bærum can be returned at the car centre they were picked up at. Remember to fill in the return sheet and attach it when you send us the written confirmation (email) that the car has been returned. Please send email with attached return sheet to

Ordering transportation

If you wish to have the car moved between locations due to change of user or other reasons, you can order transportation here. Please note registration number and contact information in an email, and we will contact you. Please be aware that this does not apply to private adresses. 

Opening hours Sandvika:

Monday to Friday: 8AM - 4PM

Guidelines for normal and abnormal wear

Below you will find our check-in guides, where you can read more about the process for returning the leasing car, what to remember before return and what damages are accepted and not accepted in the examination.

Book time for return here