Car Policy

An individual car policy for the company gives you a well-defined plan for purchasing, operating and managing the fleet. Let us help you formulate it.

Customised car policy based on your company

We know that the most important thing for you as a fleet administrator is to get the most out of your company's employees, resources and company cars. You get that with a car policy because it makes sure everything is arranged with a focus on efficiency, optimization and cost minimization. All the choices that are made afterwards regarding the car fleet are based on the car policy, so you are always sure to make the most optimal decisions.

The car policy is always formulated based on your specific company. This means that we, among other things, analyze and evaluate the employees' needs and use of the company cars, the company's business model, the tax rules and the total costs, before customizing a car policy for your fleet.

Administration of the fleet and the car policy

If the administration and responsibility with you as fleet administrator is to be further facilitated, we can also help to manage the fleet and car policy in practice. Then you are ensured that the car policy is followed to the letter while still having the full overview of your fleet. As a fleet manager, you always have online access to up-to-date information on each car and the total fleet through My NF Fleet.

We keep track of costs

NF Fleet's advisors take starting point in the entire car budget - both the total costs for each car, but also for the fleet's overall economy now and here as well as over time. This means that we do not just look at the cars, but look beyond that at, among other things, depreciation, insurance, fuel costs and even unforeseen expenses. We monitor all costs closely and make sure they keep within both the short-term and long-term budget. If we see an opportunity for optimizing your costs, we make sure to implement the solution, while we of course always make sure you stay informed and that it happens within the framework of your car policy. Your contact team at NF Fleet has an in-depth knowledge of exactly your car fleet and car policy and will always think in optimal holistic solutions.

Should we formulate your car policy?

If NF Fleet is to help you formulate an individual and customized car policy for your company, you can contact your NF Fleet contact team. If your company is not yet a customer with us, you can contact us on +47 67 10 87 40. Then we will make sure you are well assisted.

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